Shelby - Ithaca, NY

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was so very terrified of giving birth.  I had decided I wanted an epidural and was going to do whatever I had to do to get one.  I didn't know anyone who had given birth in the last 20 years without an epidural and I had no desire to go without one myself.  I was so afraid of the pain and imagined labor and birth as a sort of torture women were forced to endure.

After exploring HypnoBirthing, I found that its philosophies really made alot of sense to me.  We are so very grateful for such a wonderful birthing experience for our son and ourselves. It made all the difference in the world to us and made for a birthing experience I could have only dreamt of.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Lorne R. Campbell Sr. - M.D.

I began delivering babies in 1983. I believed in the  use of drugs to manage obstetrical pain. I saw lots of complications, including babies with compromised breathing. In spite of my best efforts to use sound judgement, I believed that epidurals were a medical blessing. I had a 25% C-Section rate.

Patients demanded natural births. I then performed hundreds of deliveries using the pushing, blowing techniques, and holding off on analgesics until the mother could no longer take the pain. I saw babies that were no longer respiratorily compromised, but were exhausted and quite often needed respiratory support with oxygen.  But my C-section rate had fallen to 5%

Next I used visualization and guided imagery to manage pain. Occasionally I still had to use narcotics and a rare epidural. I continued to see exhausted babies who were not fully able to bond. I still had a C-Section rate of 5%.

Eventually, I began using hypnosis to manage pain during birth. The results were okay.  Babies were less often compromised and very rarely needed oxygen, but mothers still experienced painful births. My C-Section rate remained at 5%..

I have now made the transition to HypnoBirthing. I truly believe that birthing does not have to involve pain. I have over 200 births of women who prepared for birth by learning and using the techniques and philosophy of HypnoBirthing - "The Mongan Method". All of the families have left their birthings excited about the birth event.  I see support people meaningfully involved with the mother assisting in many different ways.  I have had no complications.  No babies needed oxygen or any support other than warming by mother's body.  My C-Section count is 3 - in as many years.  I have given absolutely no analgesic drugs since I began using HypnoBirthing with mothers.

Over the years, I have come to realize that during a birthing, I no longer perform 'deliveries'; I attend and observe as mothers birth their babies in calm and comfort, and birthing companions receive the babies as they emerge.  It is as if my new role is to be present to witness the miracle of HypnoBirthing.

Now I enthusiastically lecture to medical groups on a regular basis about the merits of HypnoBirthing as a means of achieving easier, more comfortable births for laboring mothers. I am more than happy to talk to health care professionals (or anyone else) about my experiences with truly natural birthing. I have a large number of happy HypnoBirthing families - mothers and fathers - who love to talk about their own birthing experiences.

In my present position as a faculty member of the Atlanta Family Medicine Residency Program in Atlanta, Georgia, I train medical residents to use HypnoBirthing as an option for the families they will serve.

Lorne R. Campbell Sr. M.D.
Atlanta Medical Center Family Residency Program
1000 Corporate Center  Drive, Suite 200
Morrow, GA  30260

HypnoBirthing Baby Jonah - Princeton NJ
HypnoBirthing Baby Eli - Buffalo NY
Tori - Bath, NY

My birthing was an amazing experience and I would do it again hands down. I know my birth went so smoothly because of the attitude and ideas you instilled in me and I could not thank you enough for that. I never knew how much you could love until I saw her face. Thank you so much for everything. What you helped me do means the world to me.
HypnoBirthing Baby Sydney - Bath NY
HypnoBirthing Baby Lucy - Harsens Island MI
Anne W. - Harsens Island, MI

Janice has every element of an excellent teacher, she has truly found her calling as a HypnoBirthing instructor. I believe that because of her positive energy regarding the birth process, she was a huge contributing factor in helping me achieve the type of birth I wanted for my daughter - a natural, unmedicated birth.

Janice helped me see that the birth process does not have to be what most of my peers and the media have described; rather, that the birth process can be a peaceful and positive experience for mother and baby.   She was also a great contributor to helping build my confidence about the labor and birthing experience. One of the best things that came from my experience with Janice was her helping me to relax during the last two weeks of my pregnancy. I am truly grateful to her for all she did to help me have the best birth experience for my daughter.
HypnoBirthing Baby Pauline - Oxford MI
Click here for the 2005-2010 HypnoBirthing® Outcomes - United States, research document
HypnoBirthing Baby Cole- Oakland MI
Kim - Sterling Heights, MI

Even with my unique health circumstances which caused a true emergency c-section a few weeks early, HypnoBirthing helped me in so many ways.

I will say that the one thing the class did was keep me calm and my blood pressure low so that I was able to hang on.  The Dr. was really surprised at how level I was able to keep my blood pressure.  And being calm I’m sure has made William the tolerant, calm, happy baby he is, despite how he was born.

Plus the visualization I did to accept the Spinal, IV and Foley helped so much too.  We are truly enjoying William, he is such a blessing. 
HypnoBirthing Baby William- Sterling Hts MI
HypnoBirthing Baby Veronica - Shelby Twp. MI
HypnoBirthing Baby Maya - St. Clair Shores, MI
Christy - Imlay City, MI

Dear Janice,
Jeremy and I have a precious new baby girl!!  Nora Elisabeth  was born Tuesday. She weighed 7pounds 15 ounces, 19.25 inches and is sooooo amazing!!    Thank you for all of your knowledge....... HypnoBirthing was of the utmost help in having a great labor/delivery. 
HypnoBirthing Baby Nora - Imlay City, MI

Mom uses HypnoBirthing for planned C-section:

Click Here for her story
Cara - Milford, MI    C-Section experience

Elise came at 41 weeks via C-section, after a vbac attempt.   I went into labor on my own and did really well using HypnoBirthing techniques and labored from 7:30 am until 10 pm when I went to the hospital. Surges were painful at first (I think I was scared) but I thought back to what you said about the next surge won't always be stronger than the next and I was able to breathe through them and was more comfortable.  I got to the hospital and baby's head was still very high, cervix unreachable for the nurses, closed with no effacement.  Eventually at 26 hours of labor my doctor recommended a C-section. Scott and I were devastated but I really did everything I could. Hypnobirthing classes, swimming classes, listening to hypnobirthing CD's every day, several chiropractor visits to adjust my hips to encourage the baby to descend in the last week, and switching to a more open minded doctor in my last month.  The surgery went well. Recovery was amazing. I had virtually minimal pain. Not sure why. Maybe I knew what to expect? Maybe I didn't have as much stress hormones increasing my pain response?

I really think HypnoBirthing made a difference, even though I had another surgical birth. I don't have any regrets and I know we did everything we could. I really think HypnoBirthing brought Scott and I closer.  Thank you so very much!

HypnoBirthing Baby Elise -Milford, MI
Magda - Rochester, MI

Zoey finally joined us last Saturday. She is 7 Lbs 6 oz and 21" long. Dave and I  are very happy. The birthing was about 15 hours and I have to say I am so glad I took the classes - I avoided a c-section.  Zoey was face up and stuck on my pelvic bone, they considered it because I did not have epidural but I did it!  I was pleased with our birth, but I have to say I will consider homebirth next time around.

Jill - Troy, MI

If you're looking to have a calm, peaceful birth free from fear and tension then Janice's peaceful birthing class is the way to go. It was so informative on so many levels and a great way to learn how to work WITH your body and your baby.

Janice is SO passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience and truly cares about helping make your birth the best it can be. My husband and I both really enjoyed the class and getting to know Janice and the other couples taking the class with us. We did not have the gift of hypnobirthing with our first child, but decided to try it for our second and I can not sing its praises enough.

HypnoBirthing Baby Isaac - Troy, MI
Rebecca - White Lake, M - VBAC

I unexpectedly went into labor a few hours after I sent you the email, and Len and I had time to practice all of the scripts and fear release before that happened. They helped tremendously in labor. I kept hearing the affirmations over and over again in my mind and from our doula and Len. I was able to have a vaginal birth with very very little tearing (one minor stitch), and labor stayed intense and strong on its own for over 16 1/2 hours. I did receive an epidural after some time, and I feel okay about that. What I love the most is how the crowning and birth went. I was allowed to breathe the baby down, slowly, surprised even myself at how far down she came with little to no effort on my part. I did feel the need to bear down at the end to get her through my pubic bone, estimated only 15 minutes or so. So, all had time to stretch nicely and I am just ecstatic! We had a wonderful nurse (studying to be a midwife) and just a fantastic experience. The entire staff respected each and every one of our wishes, before and after birth.

Thank you again for all you did for us at the 11th hour. I know it wasn't a perfect hypnobirth, but I believe gave me the confidence and completely took away all the fear I felt in attempting a vbac. Next time, I will have months to practice :)
HypnoBirthing Baby Josette - White Lake, MI
Samantha - Troy, MI

Ariana Danielle was born Saturday, July 10th at 10:47am.  She weighed a whopping 8lbs 1oz and was 22-1/4 inches long.  Surges started at 6-7 mins apart and were close to a minute in length.  By the time the midwife arrived at our home they were just 1-2 minutes apart and well over a minute in length.

I don’t think the midwife believed I was truly in active labor but the doula kept telling her that was the beauty of HypnoBirthing.  She asked if she could do an exam to determine my progress.  All I remember is laying in bed and the midwife was saying she was completely shocked...I was almost completely dilated and she could feel Ariana beginning to crown. 

I can't thank you enough for educating Jamie & I and empowering us to seek the birth we truly desired.   Without your HypnoBirthing class I probably would have ended up having Ariana in the hospital and more than likely by C-section. 
HypnoBirthing Baby Ariana - Troy, MI
Danielle - Shelby Twp, MI

Isabella Cristiana was born in water July 28th at 7:51 am. No drugs or medical procedures whatsoever! It was a very short but intense labor. The staff at Hutzel was a dream! I could not even believe how insanely supportive they were of my wishes. Isabella was put to my chest immediately and Dan announced that she was a girl. They allowed us to bond for as long as I wanted, until I was ready to birth the placenta. She breastfed within 20 minutes of birth for over 40 minutes!  The hospital staff loved our birth! We were the talk of the floor.

We were blessd with the most calm and peaceful newborn I have ever met. She nurses perfectly and absolutely never cries. The staff was amazed - but we know it is because I maintained a very calm and relaxing pregnancy and for the most part birth.

Thank you so much for HynoBirthing and the confidence that we could do it! Dan was amazing amazing amazing! I am so happy he was able to be an active part of our birth instead of an onlooker.

The nurse later told me that my contractions were some of the most intense she has seen (simply because they were so close together and they were almost two minutes long for the entire labor. She was originally worried because I barely could take a breath after one surge before another started.) I am convinced that the water and my practice was my saving grace.
HypnoBirthing Baby
Isabella Cristiana  - Shelby Twp, MI
HypnoBirthing Baby Isaac - Ithaca NY
HypnoBirthing Baby Zoey - Rochester, MI
Denise S. - MI

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that our baby arrived safe and sound on Sunday August 15 at 12:11am.  She was 6lbs 7oz and 19".  Her name is Violet Eve.

My surges started at 4:30am on Saturday 8/14, and I was able to labor at home for most of the day.  We took the dogs for a walk, watched some Netflix while I sat on my exercise ball, etc.   We left for the birth center (ABC at Providence) around 5:30pm.  I was 4cm/80%.  Within an hour or so, the surges started coming one right after another, which sort of threw me for a loop.  This was the one point during labor when I didn't know if I could do it, as I had a hard time focusing.  Around 7cm, they let me get in the tub, which was a huge help!!  The water really took the edge off of the surges, and I was able to focus much better on my breathing.  I lost any concept of time, but I think I was in the tub for several hours.  I eventually started feeling "different" so they got me out of the tub.  I walked over to lean on the bed during my next surge and my water broke.  I was just about 10cm at this point, but they said the baby wasn't moving down.  The midwife put me on my hands and knees on the bed to help, and I tried to focus on breathing the baby down. 

Then she realized my bladder was full, which was probably getting in the way.  They got me to the bathroom to empty my bladder.  As soon as I did that, I got this incredible urge to push, and it just happened (right there on the toilet!).  I couldn't believe how my body just took over at that point.  It was like I didn't have to do a thing.  James said he watched my stomach drop...when we got back to the bed, they could see the baby's head!  I was so excited to be on the home stretch.  I felt like this part of labor was so easy because I just let my body do what it had to do.   Then they started getting a low heart rate on the baby, and eventually realized the cord was around her neck.  The midwife got it off asap, but the heart rate continued to be low, so they really wanted to rush and get the baby out.  I ended up having to really push...even when my body did not feel like pushing...so that was a challenge.  But they told me I had to get the baby out on the next push, and somehow I did it.  I saw James catch her, they wiped her off and set her on my stomach, and she started to cry.  We spent the next hour with her (while they stitched me up...I did have a minor tear.  The midwife said I probably would not have torn if we didn't have to rush at the end to push her out).  She was so alert and content...it was amazing.  When our families finally came in to visit, everyone commented on how awake and happy she looked.   

I am so happy that I was able to experience the birth that I wanted for me and my baby.  Taking your Hypnobirthing class was the best thing I could have done to prepare me and give me the confidence that I needed.  It also made me feel empowered to stand up for what I wanted...which eventually helped me make the decision to switch from my OB to a midwife.  I'm so glad I did that...I wonder how different my birth experience would have been if I would have stayed with an OB  and delivered at a regular hospital.  The ABC center was exactly what we had hoped for and the entire staff was amazing. 

HypnoBirthing Baby Violet Eve
Andrea - MI

Thinking back about your great birthing class - thanks for empowering us with knowledge!   If I didn't share with you already...I had an amazing natural (drug & surgery/intervention free) birth experience, totally supported by the amazing staff at the ABC! Choosing the right professionals is so important and a choice that everyone has the power to make. Thanks again for all you do!!!
Alison - MI

My water broke when I was sleeping Sat. night. I woke up at 11:00pm and I was wet. I went to the bathroom and tried to sleep some more but I was too excited so I went downstairs and did stuff around the house because I knew we would be going to the hospital. After a few hours I still had no contractions just small cramping. So I slept a few more hours and woke up still nothing. I went for a walk and by 12:00 pm I called midwife to see what I should do. She said I needed to come into the hospital because they weren't comfortable with me going any longer at home. 

So we got to the hospital at 12:45pm they confirmed I had broke all my water and she explained that they would start small with a little pitocin and hope that would jump start my contractions. She said I could get off the pitocin if I started to progress enough. So by 3:20 pm we were in a room and the pitocin was started. My surges weren't very strong so they had to increase the meds every so often. They did it slowly so I wouldn't be slammed. By 8:30pm I went into the hot tub and the jets were amazing!  I got out at 10:30pm and could tell the surges were more intense I laid on my side in the bed and after a while she checked me I was at an 8. So she suggested I use the ball on the bed and go on all 4s over it. That helped alot I had my CD on and just kept breathing. I felt a lot of pressure and told them so I got back on my side and sure enough I was at a 10.

I started to breathe her down and that seemed to work her head kept coming to the edge and then going up a bit so they suggested I push a bit so I did and 10 mins later she arrived! She had her arm up with her head so I had two small first degree tears but not bad. They told me I was the best HypnoBirthing Mom they had seen, I was really calm and they hadn't seen anyone be able to breathe the baby down as far as I did especially with a baby with her arm up!    

I want to thank you for giving us the tools to use so I could have a drug free birth. I haven't even taken a Tylenol. Ella Roxana was born at 1:06am Monday Sept 13 7lbs 4oz 20in. Joe was amazing the best birth partner. He rubbed my back, held my hand, and said all the right things. I told him he could be a professional labor coach:)

So, minus the iv of pitocin it was the exact birth I wanted. Tell your students it's not impossible to labor with pitocin if they end up having to have it they can do it without the epidural!   Thanks again so much Janice, we have been telling everyone about you and the program.
HypnoBirthing Baby Ella Roxana
Carrie - MI

October 26th at 3:30 a.m. I started having contractions about 8-10 minutes apart.   I laid bed, resting and breathing.  It was peaceful and exciting.  I got up about 6 to shower and got back in bed for more rest.  It was such a cozy time that I lit a candle in my room  and savored the quietness.  It felt like a holiday!  The rest of the morning I spent getting last minute things together with my husband, Brian, and even got to read a pile of books to my little Luke while we lay in my bed together.  I had my husband take a picture of that moment because I knew it would be a precious time to look back on.  Around 1, Brian and I headed to my mom's house to continue my labor since she is closer to the hospital.  It was an enjoyable experience talking with my mom, resting, listening to the birthing affirmations and soft music.  Around 4, I decided it was time to head to the hospital. 

When we arrived, I was more than halfway dialated!  They filled up the jacuzzi tub for me and added some peppermint oil.  It was soothing and relaxing.  I spent about an hour in the tub rocking back and forth during surges, resting, and listening to my mom and birthing affirmations.  When I started to feel a lot of pressure, my midwife had me get out and checked me again.  I was at 9 1/2 and thrilled that soon I would be able to meet my baby!  I spent the rest of the labor in bed, in my own clothes, breathing the baby down.  It was so nice because the lights were off, and the only people in the room were my husband, mom, midwife, and nurse.  They were very respectful of my birth plan. 

After a while, my midwife told me to try bearing down a bit and do a little pushing.  She said the baby would be out in minutes, and I was thrilled at how fast everything had progressed.  However, my baby's head was transverse-coming out sideways, and kept bumping up against my pelvic bone.  The midwife had to jiggle her head a bit to get her in a better position and I ended up pushing longer than expected.   ("I am prepared to meet whatever turn my birthing may take.")  In the end, though, I had a beautiful baby girl, Jordan Alaina.  She was 8 lbs 10 oz and 21 1/4 inches long.   Unfortunately, Jordan's coloring and rapid breathing caused her to be taken to the special care nursery (just like what happened with my son), and I missed out on the whole "getting to hold the baby and bond right after the birth" experience once again. 

Despite that aspect, I had a wonderful labor thanks to your class, and I look forward to doing it again one day!  My mom was an awesome birth companion-very soothing and encouraging with her gestures, instructions, visualizations-you would have been proud.  The first nurse I had thought she was a doula!!!  Thank you so much, Janice, for passing on your good experience to other women like me.  It was an invaluable experience learning from you.
Roberta - MI

Thanks so much for helping to prepare us for the birth experience, we really appreciated it!  We were able to deliver 100% naturally without any drugs. I did end up having an IV because I was dehydrating. I wasn't able to keep any fluids in me without vomiting. So it was definitely tough at times. The hypnobirthing techniques really helped during labor and James was an excellent labor companion. When it came time for baby Cora to arrive, my surges had weakened and were 5 minutes apart.  So I ended up pushing for 3.5 hours before she finally greeted us.  The staff at ABC was absolutely fantastic! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a natural birth.  Thanks so much for helping to prepare us for the birth experience, we really appreciated it!
HypnoBirthing Baby Coramina
Brie - MI

I gave birth to our baby girl Lucia Rose on July 10th.  It was one of those really hot July nights we had this summer, so I labored in the birthing tub for about an hour, but then I got too hot and had to get out.  I finished the labor on our bed and it was incredible.  The final phase of labor lasted for about 3 hours, so it was exhausting.  But I have to say that when people ask me how it was to do it at home with no drugs etc. etc., I say that it was tiring and a lot of work at times, but it wasn't painful.  I want to thank-you and Will for giving Rick and I the right mindset to prepare for our birth.  We do have a video of our birth too, which I am so glad to have.  I went into labor around 5:30 pm and Lucia was born at 12:45 pm.  The funniest thing is that she was born on her due date!
HypnoBirthing Baby Lucia Rose
Katy - MI

We went in on the 20th and I was given prostaglandin that evening.
In the morning at 6 am they started the pitocin drip . I had contractions all day per the monitor but did not feel anything. They gave me more postagladin the next evening, Wed. the 21st. On Thurs. the 22nd, they started the pitocin again at 6 am. Contractions showed on the monitor but I felt nothing. At 3:00 pm my water broke and my mucous plug released. Then the contractions started and I felt them, pretty strongly, I though. They were 3 minutes apart for the next nine hours.

I played the meditation tape over and over again throughout the nine hours....we shut the blinds and turned off the lights. I sat in the rocker with my head on my shoulder duduring the contractions so I could relax, meditate and breath. It helped me through 99% of the contractions. A few  times I was distracted. The nurse was familiar with HypnoBirthing and wonderfully supportive. My husband was wonderful. 

I am so glad that we went with your training.....it really worked.  The breathing and meditation helped me remain calm and peaceful throughout the entire event! Amazing! Truly! I had a minor complication in that the doctors could not reach the end of my cervix...it was inverted....I had several doctors, a midwife and nurses try........which was extremely painful in between contractions....the most painful part. They were amazed at how I handled the pain with the breathing.....They could tell that I was 100% effaced. But they had no idea how dilated I was.

At midnight, my doctor suggested an epidural to see if that would relax me more. She was not sure that I was having hard enough contractions since I was breathing through them.  But after nine hours, I was exhausted (had not eaten since the night before) so I agreed to the epidural. It was not big deal...did not even feel the needle as I sat forward in a yoga position when they inserted the needle.

I then did not feel the contractions and was able to sleep for a couple hours. Near 3 am on the 23rd, Sat. morn, they woke me up. The contractions had spread to 5 minutes and the baby was showing some distress. Very calming, I said to the doctor...is it time...she said yes. Time for a C section. Apparently the baby was crosswise...under my ribs so did she not even go through the birth canal. But they pulled her out and brought her to me so I could see her and kiss her. They put her on the warmer and Chad held her hand and talked to her while they cleaned her up under the warmer. I felt such overwhelming love as I looked over at my husband calming our baby! It was beautiful!

Thanks again for the wonderful training...we really appreciate it!
We were prepared! That makes all the difference.
HypnoBirthing Baby Anastasia
HypnoBirthing Baby Bennett
Lisa - MI

Bennett Charles was born at about 1 am today! He was born naturally and my doctor told me I could be the poster child for Hypnobirthing. We listened to our affirmations and visualizations on a continuous loop from when I arrived at Crittenton at 2 til baby was born at 1 am. My water broke on it's own about 1 hr before baby came.   Eric was a fabulous birth companion and the hospital was very accommodating with the birth plan.  Many Thanks!
Candi - Rochester, MI

The whole experience was truly a beautiful thing. I actually enjoyed my natural contractions! The nurses even put up their own HypnoBirthing sign when we gave them our birth wishes - they were very supportive! Our nurse rocked too - she was amazing! The HypnoBirthing almost put you in a completely different world - it was incredible! And I loved the birth ball.

Even though we ended in a c-section, (I had special circumstances; a fever, membranes released for over 24 hours and she was transverse)  we were still able to use so many techniques from our class! Jay was absolutely fabulous! He was so strong through all of it and never left my side. I ended up on pitocin for a little while there, and was still able to use the breathing and visualizations to get through the surges with that - which became really irregular. I am sure this is because my body was fighting the pitocin since I did not want it at all.

Jay and I truly enjoyed the whole birth process though. We shared many laughs, kisses, and great bonding during the entire process. We listened toour cd's, watched the videos, and in the end had our beautiful baby girl to hold! Seeing the look on his face when she came out was amazing. You could see him instantly fall in love with her - way more than he had ever anticipated!

Thank you for everything you taught us and instilled in us. It was so helpful and useful during the birthing process! Anytime things would get really tough, we would remind ourselves of your positive attitude, humor, and great inspiration!
Claudia - MI

I was at 41 weeks and 3 days, so although we really didn't want to, were planning on inducing on Sunday August 21st. However Thursday the 18th the doctor became concerned when my amionic fluid was showing low at the in office appointment so they sent me over to labor and delivery at Henry Ford West Bloomfield. When we arrived there and they determined I would be admitted we immediately pulled out our Hypnobirthing Birth Plan and the midwife got super excited!

Instead of putting me on pitocin to start the contractions I was given a breast pump to pump for 5 mins every 20 mins which almost immediately started surges. The breathing, birth affirmations, birthing ball, walking the halls and in the final hour the jacuzzi tub allowed me to make it through 26 hours of labor, 10 1/2 hours which was active labor with surges at 6 mins or less. (Although Rodney had to tell me all those details after the fact because my time distortion was so off, it felt as I was almost in a sleep state between surges.)

I did have the urge to push at the very end but instead of bearing down to push like the midwife tried to instruct me in the last hour I told everyone in the room I would push with the baby only as the surges came, baby and mommy working together! I worked out great! Although I was very tired, baby, daddy and I were very alert and greeted each other with immediate skin to skin I even got him to latch on after he was cleaned up.

I did have them put in a hep lock at admission. I ended up needed a sugar water drip for an hour during labor because I wasn't drinking enough water and the baby's heart rate changed but they took me off once it improved. However after I delivered the placenta I began hemmoraghing and lost 800 ccs of blood so the immediately gave me pitocin in an IV then shot in the hip when that didn't work to harden my cervix to stop the bleeding. It was a little scary but Rodney again reminded me to breathe and stay calm. I ended up not needing a transfusion just an extra day in the hospital to rest and an iron supplement.

Rodney and I wanted to thank you so much for teaching us what to expect in labor & delivery and the HypnoBirthing Method. The fact that his job allowed him to work remotely till Jaylen was born, that we took your class, use the method, and delivered at a hospital that was respectful of our wishes made ALL the difference and I wouldn't have changed a thing, and would do all over again.
HypnoBirthing Baby Jaylen
Mike - Rochester Hills, MI

Just wanted to say - "Thank You" for the wonderful classes you provided us! You are amazing!! As a birthing partner, I had no idea what to expect, but YOU made the class and material interesting, lively and FUN!  God bless you and your family.
HypnoBirthing Baby Felix
Laurie - Ferndale, MI

We were watching a movie around 10pm when all of a sudden I heard a pop and felt a small gush. I called the midwife and  spoke to the secretary for the answering service, she asked if I was having contractions, and I wasn't sure that I was yet...I felt a little pressure down there, but not an actual contraction. I hadn't started timing them, so I didn't have much to tell her. While I waited for the midwife on call to call me back, the contractions started coming pretty strongly. Once I realized that they were definitely contractions, I started timing them and found that they were two minutes apart (this was only about 20 minutes after my water broke)!

We got to the hospital around 11. There was no one in the ABC unit when we arrived (they were on call), so they wheeled me to labor and delivery (the contractions were too strong for me to walk at this point). They had me laying on a stretcher in triage when I told the nurse, "I'm pretty sure this baby is coming now!". When I said that, she checked me, and said, "Oh yeah, that's the baby's head!". They then rushed me on the stretcher down to the ABC unit so that I could deliver the baby there. Once we got there, they had me move onto the bed (I was laying on my side and had absolutely no desire or strength to move to a different position). Once on the bed, I told the nurse that I needed to start pushing.

Ryan was there by my side the whole time, being amazing, trying to calm me down. I started a combination of breathing the baby out and pushing before the midwife and ABC nurse arrived. They arrived fairly quickly after I started pushing though, and were awesome, reminding me to use my J breaths and such. They used a warm oil compress on my perineum, and with 4 or 5 contractions, I breathed/pushed the baby out (at 12:14 AM, just over 2 hours from the time my water broke). They immediately put him on my chest and we nursed for the next 2 or 3 hours.

In summary, while I didn't have time to have the calm "Hypnobirthing" experience that I had planned and expected, I will definitely say that if I had not taken your class, I don't think I would have been calm enough to make it through the labor like I did. The midwife and nurses said that I seemed so calm and asked if I had taken HypnoBirthing...so maybe I was calmer than I felt. The whole experience was the craziest combination of being as physically in my body as possible while also being like an out of body experience. I definitely went inward....I had to ask Ryan after the birth how many people were in the room when I delivered Felix. I couldn't have told you if it was 2 or 50....I was that tuned into my own self. I loved my birth!!! Even though there were moments when I felt like I couldn't do it, there were also lots of moments where I felt like I could....and I did!  Oh, by the way, I didn't tear at all! :)  I didn't have any pain meds before, during, or after the birth. The nurses and midwife seemed pretty impressed with how easily and quickly I recovered.

Well, I just want to thank you for teaching us that birth is natural and shouldn't be feared. I couldn't ask for a better birth experience! I already feel excited to be pregnant and go through all of this again! Little Felix is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. I can't believe how much I love him...and neither can Ryan. We are both stuck in a crazy tired state of euphoria.
Jamie - MI

I wanted to let you know that we welcomed Jackson Colin Jeris into this world on Friday, September 30th.  He weighed in at 8 lbs 12 oz. and was 21 inches long.  He is absolutely perfect!!  I want to thank you for giving me the tools to calmly meet whatever turn my birthing took.  I can truly say I would not have been able to do that without your help.  I had a vision of my birth and a plan but Jackson quickly taught me that it isn't my plan or my vision, it is his and it is his story to tell.  With that said, his birth took several turns that I was able to meet calmly.  In the end, I ended up with a vaginal delivery 23.5 hours after my water broke.  So, no c-section was needed!!

I just wanted to take time to say thank you to you.  It wasn't the HyoBirthing that I envisioned but he quickly taught me that it is Jackson's story and it was his story to tell.  I couldn't have gotten through this process without the knowledge and wisdom and techniques I learned from your class...taking your class also led me to a great support team.  Thank you for everything!
HypnoBirthing Baby Jackson
Allison - MI

Just wanted to let you know that we welcomed Anna Therese into the world at 10:53pm last night, 8lbs. 10oz.! Thanks to Hypnobirthing, everything was relatively easy--we got to the hospital at 8pm and she was born less than 3 hours later, no time for anyone to even offer drugs or pitocin!! Matt was an excellent birth companion.

Thanks again for all of your help in class. Another successful HypnoBirth!
Natasha - MI

Mike and I meditated, listened to the relaxation cd, and i took a bath the day before Ethan was born.  I was having very light cramping that day, but I had no idea he would be coming out to see us so soon. 

I took a bath around 8 o'clock pm and felt no more cramps.  We listened to the relaxation cd and went to bed.  At 3:30am I woke up to a pretty intense surge.  The surges continued every 5 minutes for 30 minutes.  I woke Mike at 4am.  Another 30minutes passed with surges every 5 minutes.  We decided to call the hospital and doctor at that point.  The ABC unit at Providence asked if we could wait a couple hours so they could free a room for us or come when the surges were 3 minutes apart (and maybe have to go to labor & delivery, rather than ABC).

At 5am we went to the family room (the arm of the couch was where I ended up feeling the most comfortable).  We turned on some soft music, I breathed through (and moaned through) the surges while mike rubbed my lower back.  I didnt have a clock down there and when I told Mike that we had to go to the hospital because the surges seemed so close, it was already 630am.  As we were leaving, my water broke and my contractions were one minute apart (or less).

We got to the hospital at about 7am (my surges slowed us down a bit). The room in the ABC unit was available (lucky us) I was checked at 7:15.  I was 9 1/2 cm dilated!! (The surges were intense, but I was able to deal with it because of my "training," Mike's help, and I knew it would be over and my baby would be in my arms soon).  Mike was in the bed with me.  I started trying to breathe the baby down, but then I felt the urge to push.  After about 5 rounds of pushing, I saw and held my son! Ethan was born at 8:23am :)  on August 21st.  He was 8lbs 9ozs

P.S. The nurses and my doctor said I should be a poster child for HypnoBirthing! (My labor begin at 330am and my son was born by 830.  Only 5 hours!)
HypnoBirthing Baby Ethan