Peaceful Birthing HypnoBirthing® Childbirth classes will guide you
through the philosophy and techniques of normal, gentle, peaceful birthing.

You and your birthing companion will learn to use focused deep relaxation, guided imagery and special breathing techniques that can help to bring about a shorter, easier, and more joyful birthing. You will birth your baby in a more comfortable manner, awake, alert, and fully in control.  Relaxation techniques will help you to eliminate fear, tension, and pain.  HypnoBirthing childbirth education consists of a series of five, 2 ½ hour classes that are usually taught over a five-week period.

While HypnoBirthing is a benefit at any stage of pregnancy, it is recommended that classes be taken around the beginning of the second trimester.  However, if you find yourself farther along in your pregnancy, be in touch about's never too late to learn!  Even a late introduction is highly beneficial.  Inquire about our Accelerated Format classes if needed. 

During this five-week course, you will learn:

  • How our emotions and thoughts can negatively affect our body and birthing
  • How women's bodies are designed for normal, trouble free birthing  
  • What causes pain during labor and how to alleviate/eliminate it
  • How to prepare your mind and body for your desired birthing
  • How to avoid artificial induction, episiotomy, and surgical birth
  • How to achieve deep levels of relaxation
  • How to prepare your Birth Plan
  • How to interact with your pre-born baby
  • How to tap into your body’s natural pain relievers
  • How to gently breathe your baby down for birthing, avoiding forceful pushing
  • How to maximize bonding before, during, and after birth
  • Birthing Companions also learn to assist Mom with relaxation and becomes an advocate for Mom and Baby

Tuition includes:

  • Personalized training with a Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner and HypnoBirthing Mom
  • The book HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method, by Marie Mongan
  • 2 Relaxation/Positive Affirmation CD’s
  • How to write your birth plan - information on delayed cord clamping, skin-to-skin contact with your baby, do you want an IV, EFM, Vitamin K shot, intervention & induction information, how to know you have the right care provider and birth location and more, more, more!
  • Support and training for Birthing Companions, how can they help mom
  • Phone consultations and follow-up - services are available to you all the way up until your Birthing time
  • Multiple informational handouts

We find that smaller classes are more comfortable for everyone and therefore group classes are limited to no more than 6 birthing families at a time. Private instruction is also available at a higher tuition rate. Classes are for mom and her birth companion.  

Doula services available for Peaceful Birthing HypnoBirthing clients.  
Ask for more information about this connective and supportive option for your birth.

Peaceful Birthing HypnoBirthing®  Fertility 

Did you know that stress can reduce your chances for conception?    When we experience stress our bodies produce Cortisol which can inhibit the implantation of a fertilized ovum, delay ovulation and reduce the number and motility of sperm.  Is it possible that daily stress levels are hurting your ability to conceive the child you desire?  Find out how this easy program of relaxation and hypnotherapy can help you release and manage your stress. 

According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, 6.1 million American women and their partners experience difficulties in conceiving a child.  Worldwide it is estimated that 10 to 15% of couples of childbearing age experience infertility.

Many families turn to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).  Studies have shown that including relaxation and hypnotherapy in their treatment can double their success rate. 

The Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association reported in 1999 that 42% of women were able to conceive within six months of being taught mind/body relaxation techniquesAdditionally, these women were able to affectively decrease their levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

What you will experience in this 
5 Week HypnoBirthing Fertility Course: 

 Upcoming 5 week series 
for Moms & Birthing Companions:

ROCHESTER HILLS - Kiddie Club Preschool
2897 Crooks Rd.
  • August 13, 7pm - 9:30pm
  • October 1, 7pm - 9:30pm
  • November 5, 7pm - 9:30pm

ROYAL OAK - Optimal Wellness Chiropractic
3302 Crooks Rd.
  • August 14, 7:30pm - 10pm - SOLD OUT
  • September  25, , 7:30pm - 10pm
  • October 30, 7:30pm - 10pm (skip 11/27)

SHELBY TWP - Touch of Life Chiropractic
46755 Hayes Rd.
  • October 19, 2pm - 4:30pm​


Inquire about our 
Special Accelerated Format 
HypnoBirthing Classes

 -are you too close to your due date to 
take a 5 week class?
- do you live too far away to attend 
our weekly classes?

Session 1:  October 6
and then complete the series on
Session 2:  October 13

Location:  TROY - Whole Family Wellness
1228 Kirts Blvd., Ste 450

More information:


HypnoBirthing Fertility
5 week series for Moms & Partners:

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Peaceful Birthing ~ proudly teaching expectant families since 2006!

▪Understanding the effects of stress on fertility for both males & females 
▪Easy Coping & Stress Management Techniques 
▪Basic Nutrition 
▪The Value of our Self Talk
▪Meditation Techniques 
▪Relaxation Sessions
Short video from renowed Doctor Alice Domar Ph.D.from Boston, explains the benefits and success of relaxation and stress reduction to increase conception.